This is where we hope to answer any questions or issues you might be having with using the site and Kite Sista section.

How to register, setup and use your profile

  • Register by going to and entering some basic details (don’t worry, you can enter more information later).
  • Once you have registered there is a brief delay whilst we verify your profile. This just consists of making sure it is a genuine sign up from a girl who kites or represents kitesurfing. This will usually be done within an hour, but could take a couple of hours on weekends and holidays.
  • Once your profile has been approved you will receive an email to confirm and you are then able to login here:
  • You can then view your profile by using the main menu or by going directly to when logged in. This will redirect you to your full url which will be**username**/
  • In your profile you can set your profile and cover photos as well as add any photos you wish to your ‘Gallery’ tab, or from time to time you can also add information and images, videos etc. to the ‘Activity’ .
  • To edit your profile and about information simply click on the gear icon under the cover photos and select ‘edit profile’. Here you can enter all of the information that will allow other Sistas to know what you are want to get out of using the site.
  • In the gear icon menu you also have ‘Your Account’ where you can manage all forms of notifications and privacy settings.
  • We advise you to stay logged in whilst using the site as you will also notice a notification bell in the bottom right of the site, these are your notifications and allow you to see any activity that might require you attention.
  • You can search and browse other members with many parameters by going to and then follow them if you choose to stay informed of their updates.
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