KiteSista Exclusive: Susi Mai Shares Her Secrets

KiteSista Exclusive: Susi Mai Shares Her Secrets

KiteSista had the chance to speak with the beautiful Susi Mai who stirs our imagination through her trips and awesome photos.

With her sincerity and positive image reflected in the kiting industry  she reveals through this interview some personal things about her life as a kitesurf pro … and drops a couple of secrets that only the female muse and inspiration for girls at Cabrinha would know.

KSm: Hi Susi, thanks for taking the time to answer these questions for KiteSista magazine. 

You shouldn’t need to but can you introduce yourself in few words…

Susi: I’m a human being, born in Germany and raised in The Dominican Republic, I fly kites for a living and like to eat chocolate.

KSm:  Where are from? Where are you going? …and more importantly how will you know when you get there?

I usually don’t know where I’m going until I get somewhere I like to be

Susi: I was born in a small suburb outside of the city of Munich, very close to where my dad, and his mom and all the peeps before them were born. When I was 5 my family moved to The Dominican Republic. I usually don’t know where I’m going until I get somewhere I like to be.

Susi Mai with Cabrinha SIREN 2013 kite and board & NP 2013 Harness

KSm: Where do you call home you are not travelling the world?

Susi: The Dominican Republic is home base. I have a dog, a closet and some family there. I’ve been stationed partially in the UK too now, at my boyfriends’ house. No pets there, just a few boxes of winter clothes.

KSm: What is your best/most memorable acheivement in the world of kiting, or the one you are most proud of?

I have finally developed a line of girls specific equipment together with Cabrinha for the 2013 season

Susi: Getting Forbes to cover the MaiTai Kite Camp, …I never thought that something so random would turn into something so successful.

The other thing (and I might be taking a bit of a risk with telling you this so early on) is the fact that I have finally developed a line of girls specific equipment together with Cabrinha for the 2013 season! Yes – not just a board, but a kite and a bar also! (KSm: You heard it here first!)

Susi Mai with Cabrinha SIREN 2013 kite and board

I would have to say though that I have special and memoral moments that make me proud all the time. Two days ago for example, someone came up to me and told me that they had watched one of my videos about The Philippines and even though he had only had 2 kiting lessons, he and his partner booked flights to Boracay and went out there to kite for two weeks. And they loved it!

For me that’s very special because it keeps me motivated and helps me see that my work is actually inspiring people to get out there and kite. I don’t think one could ask for much more than that !

KSm: Who are your sponsors? 

Susi: Red Bull, Cabrinha, NP (secret new brand launching in August) and Kaenon

Susi Mai with NP 2013 Harness

KSm: With your busy schedule do you manage to find some moments just for you to relax and also some time to enjoy with your friends?

Susi: Definitely, but it’s not as easy as it is for other people I guess. I have to make sure I plan way ahead sometimes so I don’t miss certain birthdays, weddings, etc. Also my friends are pretty scattered around the world so I gotta make the rounds in order to see them all. Very fun though, as it makes you appreciate your free time a lot more.

KSm: Talking about girly stuff… could you give the other Sistas a few travel/kite beauty secrets that you couldn’t live without? 

Susi: The most recent revelation in my life is that UV gel nail polish stuff. Its great beacuse it lasts for at least two weeks even when I’m in the water every single day.

The other staple thing I can’t live without is Moroccan oil, …not the brand, but the actual argan oil itself, which comes from a nut found in morocco. It’s the only way to keep my hair from drying out and breaking when I’m exposing it to constant sun and salt water. I usually put a little in before I go out to protect it, then lots afterwards while its still damp. I don’t like leaving it in though, so in the evenings after washing my hair I don’t reapply so it doesn’t end up looking greasy.

The last thing I wanna mention is BronZinc. Google it (KSm: one step ahead of you), its a tinted inc based sunscreen from Australia and I can’t imagine my life without it these days. I used to burn on my nose and lips no matter how much other stuff i would put on, but since the day I found this I haven’t peeled or even been the tiniest bit burnt.
It’s hard to get a hold of but one little tub usually lasts me almost one whole year. and if you partied the day before, it doubles as a great concealer ;)

Susi Mai with Cabrinha SIREN 2013 kite and board & NP 2013 Harness

KSm: Do you have the time for a boyfriend in your life?

It’s not a cheap relationship but this one is worth it

Susi: I do. And it’s one I’m willing to make the time for too. It’s not easy as we both travel a lot for work, but we manage to see eachother most of the time. He’s a racing driver and so when he’s not at a race he usually comes and finds me at some beach somewhere, and if he’s got work and I’m free I’ll make the sacrifice and sit at a track all weekend. It’s not a cheap relationship but like I said, this one is worth it.

KSm: What is keeping you busy at the moment and what future projects should we be looking out for?

the first ever line of women’s specific kite gear

Susi: At the moment I’m super excited for the launch of the new Cabrinha SIREN series, which is the first ever line of women’s specific kite gear! I have been pushing for having our own gear made for a long time now and it’s finally happening. The range consists of a Kite, bar and board, and it’s all looks very pretty together :)

Aside from that, I’m just doing the usual, traveling for work, doing promos, travel stories, exploring new spots and trying to inspire girls from all over the world to get into kiteboarding. I’d also like to work on a few more all girls kite vids!

One more thing worth mentioning, is the butterfly effect very awesome concept and I’ve been working with Tatiana Howard, the chick behind the whole thing, helping her with events all around the world.

KSm: A few words of wisdom and inspiration for your fellow Sistas to finish?

My ultimate dream is to see girls outnumber the boys on the water

Susi: I just want to really sincerely thank all the ladies out there who are getting off their beachtowels and into the water. You give me the inspiration and drive to push the girl’s side of sports and encourage and empower other women to get involved.

My ultimate dream is to see girls outnumber the boys on the water and I believe together we can make that happen!

KSm: Thank you thank you thank you again :)

Susi: It’s been an honor :)

Susi Mai

KiteSista would also like to thank Quincy Dein & Shayne Thomas for the use of the images in this article.

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Susi Mai Official Site / Qunicy Dean - Photographer / Shayne Thomas - Photographer / Red Bull / Cabrinha / Kaenon / UV gel nail polish / BronZinc / The Butterfly Effect

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