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Kite Sista : Erika

To be a Kite Sista ... makes you a really cool chick!
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Kite Camp Pro

KiteSista has teamed up with Kite Camp Pro to bring you the highest quality kite camps available in Brazil, Zanzibar and Morocco.. These camps are run by F-ONE international riders Celine Rodenas and our very own editor Sofi Chevalier who are there to help you improve your riding and allow you to feel comfortable in your environment, helping you to progress and reach your goals.


What is KiteSista

kiteSista Magazine

KiteSista is a digital kitesurfing and lifestyle magazine for girls. You can find interviews with pro-riders and other interesting people in the industry and lots of advice on style, fashion and beauty.

We also feature all the latest kitesurf camps and events for girls around the world and present and invite you to join our international family of Kite Sistas.

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Kite Sista operates in French and English, so if you would like to get in touch with us you can email us in either language, or just pick up the phone and call us directly.

Kite Sista existe en Français et en anglais, alors si tu veux rester en contact avec nous tu peux nous envoyer un email dans la langue de ton choix ou juste prendre ton téléphone et nous appeler.

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